Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We have been home for about a month now. It took some time to adjust to the stimulation of the western world. I still can’t drive and comfortably listen to music at the same time. Alyssa and I have bounced around from one gracious host to the next and are still in temporary housing, uncertain of our commitment to a long term living situation. Bali is still calling and the possibility of a third year at USM is whispering as well. I have gone back to hospice nursing part time 2-3 days a week and find myself writing on the days in between. Alyssa is in a stage of creativity and discovery exploring the possibilities of using her energy one on one and within a production company as well.
We hosted our first anahata meditation last night in Santa Monica and will continue to do that weekly, as it is something that inspires and moves us and has become foundational for our way of being. We remain well supported by friends and family in the way of places to stay and unconditional loving.
We have been singing and dancing. Dancing…we do it as much as possible and have found a nice community here. Not quite the same flavor as our Bali crew and yet interesting and fun. We will start hosting our own dance raves in the next couple of months and offer a loving space for our friends to gather and to let go and move however they feel called.
To think of this note as a wrap up is somewhat daunting. A quick list of what is true in this moment about my travels is: opening to the loving, surrender, trust, holding space, discovering untapped will power, intimate friendships, following the energy, beautiful men, amazing women, support from every direction, learning about myself through the reflection of others, peace in the chaos, understanding that falling in love is a matter of acceptance, and knowing that everything is always as it is meant to be!
Alyssa’s list: seeing Life as my teacher and paying attention to the lessons, witnessing patterns play out and yet aware of this peacefulness allowing the dance to be danced fully,
living outside my stories about life: outside my mind, listening to my body, experiencing love without objectifying it on someone or something, becoming more aware of mySelf... on many levels,
learning how to dance WITH life, following It's lead by living in harmony with the natural unfoldment and perfection of it all.

We may update our site from time to time as our intention is to continue this path of conscious growth and discovery. We send our love and care to each of you who offered support in any way. We felt so guided and loved along the way.
We are present to each passing moment and are open to ourselves, Spirit, and you. We look forward to more loving.

with great love and appreciation,
Alyssa and Laurel